So, Valentine’s this year for us at Tish was truly a unique one. We were delighted to have been given the chance to host our Anti-Valentine’s Dinner in the brand new restaurant player in town Larder, a brick and mortar store by one of our favourite catering partner, 23aubergine. It all started when Marie Claire Malaysia approached us for a Valentine’s Giveaway to be hosted on their digital platform, so we thought, why not do something different this time?

Our Anti-Valentine’s idea behind Marie Claire’s Giveaway stemmed from the simple idea that something new and different should be done in this day where love and coupling are widely celebrated. Valentine’s around the world has been known to be all about couples and romance – pink, red and sultry candlelight dinners. Hence, we wanted a change for the singles, to celebrate the independance and freedom of individuals, not just couples. After all, not only couples should deserve a nice and elegant Valentine’s night out right?

As the general assumption was that single people were cynical and sarcastic, we thought why not fulfill that stereotype and stick to incorporating black, with a hint of gold for some zest. #TeamTish always wished to broaden our ideas and experiences, and this gold and black theme we chose no doubt did the job. We knew that black and gold would certainly bring out the flair and romance worthy of Valentine’s. All in all, we envisioned the design to be modern, simple, yet loud.

The tablescape consisted of foliages and black helium balloons with gold strokes. Round acrylic sheets with hand calligraphy and golden brush strokes as menu cards and place mats adorned the table. Black tablecloths to further enhanced the dinner mood was also placed on sections of the table.

The team certainly enjoyed personally spraying black paint on every fern placed on the table, with a touch of gold spray paint. The acrylic sheets and place mats were painfully handwritten and drawn, which came with a set of 5 questionnaire gamecards, meant to break the ice and for everyonet to better know each other.

The design of the tablescape was simplistic, yet striking and boldly visual. In short, everyone loved the colour scheme, and so did we. The feedback from everyone was positive and some loved it so much they even wanted to bring some of the decor all back! But best of all, we had a blast doing it.